Here’s the inspiration board for the up coming shoot!  


Please note only one of these images is mine.  I’ve pulled the other images, as the name implies, for inspiration.  :)


The shoot will be three parts;  in "the studio", underwater and back inside in the studio (still wet).



in the studio

 The plan is to have a black backdrop that will come down the warm wood floors, it will look more natural verses looking like a backdrop.  


I’d like to shoot 2-3 different outfits/looks here.  They don’t have to be the same ones we use for underwater but I’d like one of them to be if possible.  

A long and flowing outfit would work well underwater.  Anything lacy and shear does well both in studio and underwater but I'm really open to just about anything.  I also have a few yards of red fabric we can use to wrap up in or to drape along with a few yards of white tulle.  



Profoto_Sue_Bryce_Microsite_Article-_Gallery_3_jpeg-800x1107 copy.jpg






This is the first look I’m going for; a natural, earthy feel to the image.  Something soft and feminine. 

studio1 copy.jpg

Second set-up in the studio

The second set-up I want to do before getting in the water will be more of a fashion look, commercial/magazine feel to it.

potd-170516-682707-big copy.jpg
potd-170609-684011-big copy.jpg





This image is mine.  I really like the make-up but not sure if it fits the soft, feminine look.  However it would do well for the commercial look and underwater. 



Here's where the long and flowing dress/outift comes into play. 


I just ordered a light blue background for the pool (like above) but I also have a black one if that doesn't work out.






All the outfit choices don't have to be a flowy dress.












nothing at all is also an option.









Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.19.27 PM.png






We'll shoot a couple above the water for good measure!

back inside











Lastly back inside to the studio to shoot wet, we'll shoot in one of the outfits we did dry earlier.  Kind of like a before and after.